Removing Orphan Commerce Products

After setting up a store with some test products and deleting nodes we ended up with some Orphan Commerce Products.

We can't see these items in the product list, but if I create a view to display all commerce products I can see these old items.

How can we delete orphan items from the store?

Posted: Jul 25, 2013


T.Mardi on July 27, 2013

Hi Daniel, the way I remove these orphaned products is to create a table in a View that displays:

Product ID, Product Title and finally Bulk operations: Commerce Product (Commerce Product).

Having the VBO module installed you will be able to get a check box next to each Product in the view which you can select to delete one or many.

I'm not sure if there is a option anywhere that disallows deletion of nodes if they are referencing a product. But this method works ok for me. Hope it helps.