Jan. 2010 Eastern US Development Sprint

We discussed at the end of today's December sprint planning meeting getting together in person in January. Everyone seemed pretty busy through the end of 2009, but it sounded like an Eastern U.S. sprint sometime in Jan. could be good.

We're interested to know who else might be interested in doing this and what dates might work for people to drive / fly to a location somewhere in the East.

Most of January is open for me, and I have roots in VA, SC, and GA in the Southeast. Obviously I live in Louisville and would be more than happy to play the host. ; )

My only concern would be a French sprint in early February might be harder to pull off if everyone takes a week in January. We hadn't really moved discussion in that direction, but it was proposed as a possibility for the first week in Feb. There are some good European Ubercart developers that it would be good to incorporate sooner rather than later, but maybe we could do a later week in Feb. : ?

Ryan Szrama
Posted: Dec 1, 2009


jody on December 5, 2009

We can use the Zivtech office in Philly for a sprint if that is convenient for folks. The South is nicer for winter though.