fake users registations?


I recently go online with new shop based on Drupal 7 and Commerce Kickstart 7.x-2.8
I found out that there is a lot of users registered in two weeks time. None of them made any order. Most of them have login string ending with some random chars, and log in just once. But not everyone. I found few people that registered and than login later on. I event find a real person behind that email addresses registered there. But it's really suspicious that for each one or two hours new user is created and none shop activity is registered. Is that a fake users spam? Using commerce kickstart - can I use "Who can register accounts? "
- Visitors, but administrator approval is required
- Require e-mail verification when a visitor creates an account.
New account is automatically created when user make an order right? So can I turn on one of these options and still all will be working fine in shop?
And the website run extremely slow now. Could it be b/c of that users?


Posted: Jun 4, 2013