Altering/Adding Submit Behavior in Checkout

Suppose I have Checkout Page 1 with Checkout Pane 1 and Checkout Pane 2.

Checkout Pane 2 is a customer billing profile pane, provided by the built-in billing profile. Checkout Pane 1 is a creation of my own.

There is information I'd like to add to the billing profile from Pane 1. Passing data into the order with $order->data[pane_1] is easy in the submit callback for Pane 1 ... but where do I look to add some submit behavior to the billing profile pane?

Posted: Sep 20, 2011


stickywes on September 20, 2011

I should note that I tried adding my own submit callback to '#submit' in the checkout page form's '#submit' array but this was completely ineffective. I could put the string "I am a brown giraffe" into '#submit' and the behavior remains unchanged.

stickywes on September 20, 2011

I completely forgot to check the buttons and if they had submit callbacks set. They do! You would need to toss any of your own submit callbacks into the '#submit' array attached to each button.

Still, adding submits seems unnecessary and feels like there's a hook I'm missing.