disable product add to cart

Hi, I'm new to Commerce.
I need to be able to show products that both can and can't be bought, so for the items that cannot be bought I just need the add to cart and price options not to be visible. I have been unable to do this in Ubercart. Can Commerce do this?

Posted: Sep 18, 2011


Prince Manfred on September 18, 2011

That shouldn't be a problem. Drupal Commerce handles products and product displays separately. Basically, you would have a content type with the price and cart field displays visible and one without. You can even attach the same product to different displays if you needed it to be available for purchase in one spot but not another.

tefnut on September 18, 2011

thanks, is product type another word for category?
I'll need to be able to turn off/on the ability to buy on individual products in the same category, for example if they're sold out or not for sale. To be more clear; I'm selling my art online, and have a category like abstract art and some stuff in there isn't for sale, but I want to show it anyway. Could this work with DC?

Prince Manfred on September 18, 2011

If it's a product that will come in and out of stock you could look at the Commerce Stock module. Then you just set the stock quantity for each product. It'll subtract every time there is a purchase and, once it hits 0, automatically change the add to cart button to a disabled state that says out of stock.

How you handle category groupings is really up to you in Drupal. I imagine you'd probably use Taxonomy to label each product display with the groupings you wanted to but it in (abstract, landscape, etc.) and then use the Views module to create pages that display products in those groupings.