Selling Services

Hello everybody,
i'm starting building a website where "professional" users can sell their services to "customer" users.

The features i'd need are:

  • "professional" users (that are not website administrator) must be able to add their service (products) with custom price (and of course they cannot manage/modify other user's services)
  • services prices can be per hour, per person (customer), or fixed
  • "customer" users must be able to search for services based on location and category buy the service and give a rating/feedback (only after the transaction is made)


  • is Drupal Commerce a good solution for theese requirements?
  • could you suggest a good way to begin a high level configuration of Drupal Commerce based on this case (products, product types, etc...)

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated

Posted: May 14, 2013


xbrianx on May 14, 2013

I am working on something similar where users need to create products, who are not admins. This requires setting different user types and adjusting their permissions accordingly and use of the rules module.

The approach I went with was using the rules module to create a product after saving new node content and to update the product when updating the node content. All I did was create fields in the node which passed along the same data to the product. It seems like the best way to achieve this.

kahiri83 on May 14, 2013

Thanks for the tips! When you say user types do you mean roles? Or Groups?
Did you also set different user profiles to different roles using profile2 module?

xbrianx on May 16, 2013

Right, I am using roles.. I tried the profile 2 module, but ending up not using it in favor of creating node types to display user profiles.