UPS shipping method

iam new in drupal & iam using the ups for shipping in drupal commerce but ups shipping methods are not visible on shipping page...
& following error is shown :-

"No valid shipping rates found for your order, and we require shipping service selection to complete checkout.
Please verify you have supplied all required information or contact us to resolve the issue."

Please help...

Posted: May 11, 2013


Banzai on May 11, 2013

Go to admin/commerce/config/shipping/methods and see if the rule for UPS shipping service is enabled, if not enable it.

jyoti on May 27, 2013

Rule is enable from admin/commerce/config/shipping/methods & all settings are completed from back-end but usps methods are not shown on shiping page in drupal commerce..

jyoti on May 28, 2013


Thanks for reply..
My ups is configure properly but i want ti integrate USPS also .. I set the username & method form backend in Commerce_usps module but methods are not shown in front end..
Please help how can i see USPS methods on frontend..