Commerce Kickstart Menu

We've build a shop for a client,
the client needs easy access to manage products.
How do we configure the permissions so the client can use the commerce kickstart menu to manage products, discounts, ect... but can't "mess up" the store?

Posted: May 2, 2013


FSheff on August 14, 2013

[w KickStart 2] We created a Store Manager role, gave it appropriate permissions to manage products and orders, and then created a Menu [Site Settings/Advanced Settings/Structure/Menus] for that role to use (titled simply Store Manager ;^). We then added Orders and Product links to that menu (admin/commerce/orders, admin/commerce/products). As the menu has its own block you can position it wherever you want, and of course then set the access to the Store Manager role. In the Kickstart menu we chose to put it at the bottom in Footer Third.
Works fine for us. Hope that helps.
But we would be interested in other approaches that folks might have taken.