Configure Sales Tax with Shipping Module

I am following the instructions posted

Created new tax type

Selected add event: Select available shipping method for an order

Get this error: Unable to add this event as it does not provide all variables utilized by the action Calculate taxes for a line item.

Has anyone seen this or have any thoughts - I did the obvious, cleared caches, made sure no order in the cart etc


Posted: Sep 9, 2011


adTumbler on September 10, 2011

The method has been included in commerce_shipping-7.x-1.x-dev

We are using the example shipping method plug-in - default value of $42.00

After installing the Commerce Shipping version with this method enabled

Select: Home » Administration » Store » Configuration » Taxes » Configure rule

Select: Add event

Select: Calculate the shipping quote for a line item

The new event with its rule to calculate tax on the shipping line item, and to store the information in the line item components data structure is active

But: There is an issue getting the amount to calculate correctly - to reproduce

1) Start a fresh order
2) Add an item to cart
3) Select: Check out
4) Enter shipping details and select shipping method: Continue to next step
5) The review order pane will show the taxes on the line item, but will NOT hace calculated taxes on the shipping amout

6) Select: Go back
7) Select: Continue to next step (returning to review order)

This time the taxes will have been applied to the shipping line item

I have attempted to change the weight of the shipping event rule to -10 and the weight of the tax event rule to +10

The admin for rules weights appears to be troubled, so not sure if thew eights were changed

Issue remains - will link this post to module maintainer - and have a bug files if necessary

remus1 on September 16, 2011

Using Commerce7.x-1.0

First thanks for changing the shipping module to calculate VAT.
But for use on a site selling to the general public there is still a problem.
I have followed the instructions and find that even if I
6) Select: Go back
7) Select: Continue to next step (returning to review order)
the calculation stay the same.

If you are showing a item price of say £10.00 including Vat to the customer with a delivery charge of £5.99 then the total due from customer should be £15.99 of which £2.66 is the Vat element.

If I set up a product at £10.00 and set shipping to be £5.99 when you get to the checkout the total due is £17.99. Once the order is complete and you view your order on screen the delivery charge has had Vat added to the £5.99 making it £7.19 . But on the Shipping costs box it still says £5.99.

have also tried setting the shipping charge to be £4.99 so net of the 20% Vat this way the total due from the customer is correct but the shipping cost box then says £4.99

An option is needed to set the shipping price to be vat inclusive as can be done with the product.

below are 2 images first if review order second complete order.