Commerce Kick Start! Please help!

Hi Guys,

I understand my question may be quite amateurish and apologies for the ''step by step'' element within my question however I am learning and it is my aim to become familiar with Drupal!

I need to know precisely how to upload commerce kick start to my hosting provider and how to associate it with a domain link in order to start adding products for my business.

Justhost is my hosting provider.
I am not 100% sure on how to use file zilla. If I should use filezilla for this process, please advise do I need to include ''justhost.com'' within the hosting input field on filezilla, ''username'' and password general primary hosting information? OR Does a new user within data base need to be created? If so how is this done?

Thank you

Posted: Apr 2, 2013


Louis Preston Thornton on April 2, 2013


I am at the same exact stage to implement a Drupal Distribution to my service provider Fastwebhost.com. Hopefully, someone will come along and guide us both on best practices. Right now I need to know how to point the URL Domain to the Commerce Kickstart 2 distribution. However, I can provide some pre-step insight. If you have not done so already, download the Acquia Dev Desktop and step up your store first. Make all of the changes and design alternation there. Why? Because its a sandbox to test and confirm operation and changes. When you are ready, migrate your final change or the drupal instance all together to your production host site. I started the opposite way and I am now back tracking which really sucks! But, I learned a lot.

Second, ask your host provider if they can provide step or example to download your Drupal Distribution and replace the default one that comes this the plan. My provider said after a number questions to just download and install the distribution and they would fix whatever breaks. Finally, the Filezilla is just a file transfer program (ftp - Okay file transfer protocol . . . wherever), but the key is to setup a ftp account with a username and password. You can generally do this on the "cPanel" which is apart of your hosting plan. Most important . . . Join a Drupal Ladder Meetup in your area. This is really helpful!

Good luck! Cheers!