Change cart "Checkout" to "Get a Quote" system

I'm designing a product catalog website for a client who has asked that visitors be able to create a cart/wish list with items and then Get a Quote for that list/cart instead of going to Checkout.

I've looked around for Drupal Commerce extensions but haven't found exactly what I'm looking for and was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction, thank you!

Posted: Mar 21, 2013


jassibacha on March 21, 2013

Hi realskorpion,

Thanks for this. I've worked with Wish List in the past but my main issue is figuring out the most efficient way to cut-off the checkout functionality and turn it into a quote system. Just curious if anyone else has done anything similar and how they might have gone about the process.

jassibacha on March 22, 2013

Thank you very much, that first link is exactly what I'm looking for. Although I doubt it'll be finished before I need to implement it into this clients site, it's nice to know that if I need to do this again it will be possible (and easy!)