Voucher Only System - Keeping User Credit Balances


We have a canteen at work and I'd like to create an intranet site where employees can order from the canteen. We have a rudimentary system right now, where employees pay someone cash, who then adds this amount to the employee's balance on a school canteen system. When someone buys something, they email the canteen staff and later, the amount gets manually deducted from that employee's balance. It works. But I'd love to get this working with Drupal Commerce!

Does Drupal Commerce cater for keeping a user balance out-of-the-box?
Are there specific modules that do this?

Is it simple to turn off payment validation/gateways, etc.
Is it simple to subtract from a user balance? How would I implement adding to the balance?

I don't code in Drupal, even though I am a developer and have built a single Drupal site.

I'd appreciate any input about what modules to use, what to disable, ... anything.


Posted: Mar 19, 2013