new orders on top

when someone places an order on my site the new orders go to the bottom of the list, so i have to scroll down to see the new orders, can this be the opposite? the new orders should be on the top and hte older ones on the bottom?

Posted: Mar 18, 2013


realskorpion on March 19, 2013


The order list is a view, then you can edit it to add your custom order
Follow these steps

1. Go to: site settings -> views (admin/structure/views)
2. Find this view "Commerce Backoffice: Orders" in the list
3. Click on "Edit' (admin/structure/views/view/commerce_backoffice_orders/edit)
4. Find the label "Sort" and click on "Add"
5. Check "Commerce Order: Created date" as order field
6. Click on "Apply (all displays)"
7. Click on "Sort descending"
8. Click on "Apply (all displays)"
9. Click "Save"