Home page "payment methods" : stick together pictures on links ?


I'm using kickstart 2 / Omega kickstart

I have :
. admin/appearance/settings/omega_kickstart/footer section/footer2 zone ... to modify the appearance
. admin/structure/menu/manage/menu-payment-methods to manage/add links
. folder profiles/commerce_kickstart/themes/omega_kickstart/images/ for images

but where do we stick together pictures on links?

Posted: Mar 18, 2013


corbin on March 21, 2013

if i understand, it's (only) hard coded in :

and images files are in profiles/commerce_kickstart/themes/omega_kickstart/images/

for omega_kickstart theme of course

too bad


corbin on March 22, 2013

No ... thanks to you for your answer ;-)

i meant that i would like to show some credit cards more in this "payment methods" block and modify some others;

of course i found the links in admin/structure/menu/manage/menu-payment-methods, and i can create links;

but when adding/editing them with admin/structure/menu/item/xxx/edit, i don't find any way for showing their respective images

mountainmark on February 6, 2014

i have the same issue.
and rather then showing this block with by default images of paypal amex visa and maste - and not being able (in a simple way) to change and add an image of my local bank i decided to remove the block entirely rather then showing falsei info to the user.
hover over the block/configure/show block when on the page / then remove whatever is there

i made in footer one a link called payment methods leading to a basic page explaining teh user which payment methods there are