Shipping Rules

I have hunted high and low and there does not appear to be any instruction as to how you create the rules to disable shipping costs when an order reaches a specific value.

I want to offer free freight for any order over $100

I have looked through the rule options and I cant see any that look suitable. I have tried many of them as well with no success to date, yet I am confident there must be a solution.

Posted: Aug 24, 2011


westsyde on August 26, 2011

Unfortunately that does not seem to work. Cheers for the thought though. I flushed the cache twice with each attempt as well, yet no solution came to surface.

I am really struggling to find suitable selections to allow this rule configuration though I am of the belief that one must exist.

I welcome any more suggestions.

westsyde on August 29, 2011

This is what my rules look like from top down.

I started with the default flat rate action portion of the rule and added the applicable shipping label, rate and type. All of which are straight forward. The event remains as is.

The conditions of the rule are now required in order to control the action.

1. Select condition entity has field with data selector commerce-order and field commerce-customer-shipping and save.

2. Select add and then save.

3. Select condition data comparison then add data selector commerce-order:commerce-order-total:amount with the operator set to is greater than and finally the data value which in this case is 10000

4. Check negate and save

5. And save again

The data value was where i was going wrong. It had me stumped for ages. For what ever reason the data value must be input in raw form.

For those that don't know what raw form is it is essentially entering the figure in the smallest unit denomination, in this case being cents.

Hopefully these posts help others avoid a headache.

courtney.mob on September 2, 2011

@westsyde, thank you so much for sharing. I spent over 10 hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I never once thought to input the data value in raw form. Thanks so much!

westsyde on September 3, 2011

No problem. Glad I could help others after spending what felt like three life times working out.. haha..

nonius on November 19, 2011

Just need the flat rate to calculate 0€ when order exceeds 500€ and I can not figure it out :-(
guess it is more me to blame than the new rule system. I just don't get it.

I followed the steps as mentioned above, but no luck here.

help! :-)