Print cart summary view in checkout page

Good morning!

I try to find out how to print the commerce cart summary view into the checkout page. I don´t know why, but somehow the developers decided do go the user on every checkout step a different ui, which is not really efficient. Basically, all checkout steps should look the same, therefor i decided to remove the "one" cart summary that´s available in the checkout settings and programatically add on "every" the same cart summary.

Is that a good way to do that? I couldn´t figure out how to duplicate the cart summary in the checkout process.

Can somebody help?

Posted: Mar 7, 2013


sammyfm on March 7, 2013

So what i tried so far is putting this code into my page--checkout.tpl.php:

= views_get_view('commerce_cart_summary');

But NOTHING happends so far...