Import products from a database table


I posted this also on http://drupal.org/node/1253950 but i try it also here.
Maybe you guys are the right ones.

Maybe it is very easy but after hours of search (and not that found as i aspected) i will try it with a post.

For a commerce site i have to import the products and news-articles from another system. The prefered way is to import it from a database table which contains all new products and news-articles i have to import.

I searched for a module (like feeds) that i could use for that, but all modules i have found could import an entity from rss, csv, aso but not from a database table.

Does anyone knows such a module or do i have to write my own module to create entities ?

Thanks for all answers.

Posted: Aug 19, 2011


SerialJaywalker on August 20, 2011

I guess I'm confused by this. Why don't you just export your database table to CSV using phpMyAdmin or similar and then import that? If nobody has written the thing you want, it's probably because they figured people could just do what I (and the commenter in the drupal.org thread you posted) have suggested.