How Do I Make Custom Line Items Display in the Order View?

Sorry, I posted this in the question/answer section too but it seems like the forum is a bit more active...

I feel like this is probably a really dumb question but I can't seem to figure out how to do this:

I've created a "product" that allows the user to make a simple donation (using the excellent tutorial I found here using the Select (Or Other) module). On that product page, I've added custom line item fields to collect some basic information from the donor (name and chapter, mostly).

When they complete the order I can see who they are, when the order was created and how much they donated but I also want to modify the view so I can see which chapter they belong to (which was collected by the custom line item field).

However, when I go to add a field to the view, I do not see any options to add those custom fields I created. I see the "Commerce Order: Line Items" option but it does not add any of those custom fields I added.

How would I go about getting those custom fields to display? Would I need to create a completely separate view and if so what kind of view would I want to start with?

Thank you in advance for any advice.

Posted: Mar 6, 2013


carelessdonkey on March 7, 2013

Yeah, that video is what helped me get started, and it was very useful. However, now it's the reporting and displaying that data that is giving me problems. I can collect the data but can't seem to display it on the Orders page because those fields don't seem to be available in the list of fields I can add.

I guess I can create a separate field to gather that information but I was hoping to have at least one of those fields available on the Orders page, and also in some of the Commerce Reports.

lamaison on November 22, 2013

Hi carelessdonkey,
I am having the same issue as you above, did this ever get resolved? Am struggling to find anything that explains the process of exposing custom line items to the order view.


barvaz on January 22, 2015

same here. I created custom fields for product line-item that works well in the "add to cart" form but I can't seem to extract it in order's views.