Views product list is blank for visitor but not registered user

I am setting up a website that I have Drupal Commerce managing the products that are available in store. I have all of the viewable items listed in a views page and everything is working great, however, when I try to access the page as a visitor would (not logged in) I get the page title and no body or product list.

Any help will be appreciated.

Posted: Aug 18, 2011


stelthpanther on August 19, 2011

Hi, rfay, thanks for the response

I have setup a Views page that has a filter criteria of "commerce product = laptop" and I have fields listed for each product in a table. The part that gets me is that I even put some text into the header area of the Views page and even that will not show, only the title is visible to a visitor.

superfane on January 30, 2012


Why there is no way to have a view that lists commerce products (not product displays) available to anonymous users? As long as I take care and filter the view, why shouldn't I be able to display it to normal users?