Taxonomy for catalog and tags - not working?

Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of completing our first DC shop and I'm running into an issue that might be misconfiguration but I'm not sure...

The whole site uses about 8 different content types which allows related content of different types to be shown based on tags in the tags vocabulary.

This works like a charm except when it comes to the product displays, I have an extra vocabulary for the category in which a product needs to be displayed that is just about the only difference with all my other content types.

The problem is that if I pass terms (+ OR) from the node being viewed and the node_id as context to my view it hides all results where in the other content types it works like a charm.
It just does not seem to want to work with the product display content type. I is not passing in the node_id and it is not passing the terms.

I have tried adding the terms into the view on live preview and that seems to work as expected, I'd be inclined to say that rules out views from being the problem. Since the same setup is working for other content types the problem could be either the fact that there are 2 term reference fields in the product display or for whatever reason the terms and node_id aren't being passed into panels when showing a product display node.

Any idea if this is a bug in panels, views or commerce?

Posted: Aug 18, 2011