Category Banner Image

i'd like to add an image to the catalog banner, like in the demo store.
I'v added and configured an image field in the taxonomy section, but no image shows up.

Posted: Feb 22, 2013


realskorpion on February 22, 2013

You need to assign a product to that catalog term and after
that the image will show. I'll explain a little more later because I'm
writing from my phone. But for now, just to test, edit any existing product and assign it to your new catalog taxonomy term and you'll
see the image

Here's the steps to add a new catalog taxonomy term and be able to see it (as you see it on kickstart 2.0 demo).

1. Add a new catalog taxonomy term, let's call it "electronics" (add the banner image to it)
2. Add a new category taxonomy term, let's call it "computers"
3. Create a new variation type for computers (don't forget to add the collection, category, brand, gender fields)
4. Create a new computer product and assign it to the "electronics" collection and to "computers" category
5. After that you'll see a new menu item "electronics" (in the same menu where "to carry", "to drink", "to geek out", "to wear" appear)
6. If you click the "electronics" item you'll be redirected to the "electronics" catalog page where you'll see the banner and a link to
"computers" category and you should see the computer product that you just added

That's pretty much what you need to do.

I hope it helps.

roelwelters on February 25, 2013

I managed to get the image in the category header by completely removing the catalog and starting all over.
The menu is build up correctly and the image shows up in the banner, however the menu link to the catalog page shows ALL the products instead of the ones in that category. Were did i go wrong?

jaap76 on March 9, 2013

It has cost me already 3 weekends and I'm still nowhere. The shop has to be up and running before May 1st.

One of the biggest problems is that I can't get the Feeds Importer working in Commerce 2, while it worked fine in Commerce 1. Quite a handy feature if you have to import 200/300 new products with each 3 variations after each event.

Back on topic:

First I went to 'products' -> 'categories' and created a new category(outdoor), with a image field and link to the main menu.
Second I've added terms 'event 1' 'event 2' with an banner image.
Third I've created a new variation type 'event 1' and added fields 'fields_images' 'collection' (term ref. to vocabulary 'outdoor')
Fourth created a product from 'event 1', but there are no collections and categories showing.

realskorpion on March 9, 2013


Please check step 3 in my last reply.
I think that step needs more explanation.
To add collection, category, brand, gender fields you need to go here

site settings -> structure -> content types

there you'll see your product displays

then you can click on "manage fields" to add collection, category, brand and gender fields
to your product display (or any fields you need for your product displays).
Don't forget to save your changes.
After that when you add a new product those fields will be displayed for that
product display that you modified, if you want those fields for other product displays
repeat these steps.

The idea here is that DC have product types and product displays
they are 2 different things.
Maybe you want to learn more here: http://www.drupalcommerce.org/commerce-kickstart-2/products


charlied on March 10, 2013

Think about the product features as a combination of a warehouse and a retail shop. Your problem is in the retail bit! Organizing the display of similar sets of product variantions (eg tshirts of the same style and different colors/sizes) is done by grouping them in product displays. The overall catalogue of these product displays can also be navigated by adding fields (containing taxonomy terms) ON THE PRODUCT DISPLAY. See slide 6 of this summary which shows the screen where the "collection" field is added. http://www.drupalcommerce.org/discussions/7286/user-focused-documentatio...

Once these additional fields are added to the "retail shop" you can browse it in many ways, for example using the facetted search on the products page. For example you could add a field for Brand. However if you do this you will need to add any fields to the search system and the product display facets.

maduser on September 11, 2013

I am trying to create a new store but I can't seem to create the links in the banner image, I am not using the automatic content on the store.
I created 2 new categories, the main and the secondary, next I created a new variation so I can add the products with those 2 categories.
It works but the links in the banner that should be the sub category do not appear in the banner, what am I missing?
I can't seem to find any tutorial that explains what I want to do, can you help me?
Sorry for the inconveniece.
Thanks in advance.