Linked attributes

I'm selling custom t-shirts with prints on it. So I have image as product and t-shirt type and t-shirt color as attributes. But t-shirt color depends on t-shirt type. Something like: classic t-shirts can be black and yellow, unisex t-shirts can be green and white.

How I can create it, so if user select classic t-shirt he will see black and yellow color on the select dropdown, and if he selects unisex t-shirt he wiil see green and white?

Thanks in advance!

Posted: Jul 19, 2011


Maestro on July 19, 2011

I mean little bit another thing. For example have two different attributes: T-shirt type and t-shirt color. I can imagine it as tree:

Classic T-shirt
- blue
- green
- yellow
Unisex T-shirt
- black
- yellow
- white
- blue

On the t-shirt page it will be shown as two dropdowns. If user selects Classic t-shirt in the first dropdown, in the second dropdown he should see "blue", "green", "yellow" options. If he selects Unisex T-shirt, he should see "Black", "yellow", "white", "blue" in the second dropdown. So T-shirt colors depends on t-shirt types.