In product display, price shown is sum of price of all attributes.

Having a head scratcher over here: I've set up my product display which seems to be correctly referencing the product items i want. ( I see my attributes on the page, can choose between colors, sizes etc).

I've entered my pricing for all instances of a particular product.

Lets say i'm selling a t-shirt available in s,m,l red,green,blue. The t-shirt is always 10$

The price on my product display shows 190$ (i.e. 19*the price per SKU item).

I've checked on a variety of different products at different prices and its always 19* the price.

No one seems to be having this issue, so I'm 99% its no bug, just my own error in setting up, but does anyone have any idea what's happening?

I'm on D7.4, with DC RC1 with all dependencies updated.

Posted: Jul 18, 2011