How to show price difference in attributes Select List ?


I wonder if it is possible in someway, when we create a Product Display with attributes, to show the price difference in the Select List / Radio Buttons.
For instance in the Demo:

Scenario 1:
You see "All Tied Up: Size Small"
Then on the Select List i would like to have:
- S: $8
- M: $8
_ L: $8
- X: +$2 (or the total price $10)

Scenario 2:
You see "All Tied Up: Size X-Large"
Then on the Select List:
- S: -$2
- M: -$2
_ L: -$2 (or the total price $8)
- X: $10

I do know that when you select an option the final price updates automatically, but in same cases as mine, as I will have many attributes shown by checkboxes, for the costumer is very useful to have an overview of the price difference according to the attributes without needing to click on each of them to see the final price.
As far as I know, in UC this was by default. I also understand the DC has a a different approach to attributes.

Any idea how to do this?


Posted: Jul 14, 2011


rfay Randy Fay on July 15, 2011

So that work is all done by the field formatter for the product reference field. I would think a custom field formatter would be able to offer that functionality quite easily. might be worth a patch as well.

elianhi on July 16, 2011

Randy, thanks for your help.
I didn't mention that my main issue is that I'm not a programmer, therefore I get a bit lost when getting into customization, and guess about making patch! (which I think in this situation would be useful).
So unfortunately I must stick to written modules or a clear step by step tutorial for solving this. And if i cannot, unfortunatelly i'll not be able to use DC.
I do understand your solution, but I dont see which would be the next steps. For instance, this could help me: http://drupal.org/project/field_formatter_settings ?