Can Commerce Handle an Insurance Product?

I would like to use Drupal Commerce to allow our customers to purchase a somewhat canned insurance product.

Below is how I currently envision the process flow but I would love to hear other suggestions.

  1. User enters zip code, gender, date of birth, spouse & child(ren) info, etc.
  2. Product list is shown based on a number of conditions including state and age
  3. User selects product & attributes (deductible/percentage coverage) and price is shown.
  4. User clicks "Apply"
  5. User answers qualifying questionnaire (health questions)
  6. If questionnaire passes validation then go through standard checkout process (no shipping necessary)

Additional requirements:

  • No cart functionality, meaning immediate checkout once "Apply" button is clicked
  • Pricing would be pulled via web service from an outside system
  • All checkout information (applicant, spouse, children, payment) is passed to a web service for processing
Posted: Jan 18, 2013


ronald on January 19, 2013

you will need some own programming for the special logic, but you can manage this with drupal.
Kickstart, and even commerce are a little too much for this.
You'd need special content types and a bunch of rules, and maybe a custom module, to manage this.