Multisite shared cart /checkout

I'm planning on building a multisite Drupal Commerce installation. in the beginning it will consist on of three different commerces as follows:

commerce1.com (will be in 4 different languages)
commerce2.com (in two languages)
commerce3.com (in one language)

Is it possible to share the cart and checkout of these three commerces? So that a customer can add to his cart for example one item from commerce1.com and another from commerce2.com and then via single checkout pay his order.

I found this module called Domain Access, but will it support all the different language versions I'll be running?

I found a tutorial for sharing the user information between multisite sites, but I haven't found anything on sharing cart / checkout.

Posted: Jan 17, 2013


John Pitcairn on January 22, 2013

I've been asked to do the same thing across 2 sites. We are already using Domain Access - out of the box this will not give you a shared cart, though it will allow you to share products between the "sites". One issue, I expect, will be the user cookie/session tracking, with the cookie at least being domain-name specific.

I've told my client this is relatively unexplored and undocumented territory, if they come back with a scoping budget I'll post back here.