Userpoint checkout :


Userpoint money == No cost for small and multiple transactions !

Small request for the CG team :o) it's will be nice to have a paiement option with Userpoint, which is a very good alternative for small price, and for active community.

Example : you can use your credit point ( for your participation) or buying Points one time. After you can use it like you want to purchase products, node, access,....

Userpoint is good also, to send back money if for differents reasons, someone is unhappy.


Posted: Jul 11, 2011


zeta1600 on August 10, 2011

Has anyone tried userpoints with checkout? How about adding a custom currency?

I am not a programmer, but I tried to add this in commerce.currency.inc just to try?
'Custom' => array(
'code' => 'Pts. ',
'symbol' => 'Pts. ',
'name' => t('Custom Points'),
'numeric_code' => '840',
'symbol_placement' => 'before',
'code_placement' => '',
'minor_unit' => t('Minor'),
'major_unit' => t('Points'),