Import fields that use the list type widget

Can someone please help I am sooooo close here. Reinstalled the latest Kickstart from scratch. I got my products rolled in nicely from the Commerce Feeds module.

However.... I can't import any fields with a (list widget) from the commerce feeds module, they do not show up to be mapped in the target list.

In the database I see a new product ID assigned to each product in the product table. Then a new table is created for each list type field. These new tables reference the new product ID with the value.

Can I simply import this list directly in the new table? Hopefully there are no hidden indexes or foreign keys I am missing.

THANKS for any guidance!


Posted: Jun 21, 2011


cesanford30 on June 22, 2011

I actually just kept commerce dry to 4 fields, made the nodes like in your video, and used taxonomy and views to filter the nodes. Working in Views with Views-hacks for a sexy taxonomy display to filter by I hope is more stable and flexible down the road. I agree with your video on keeping the bones of commerce as slim as possible.