Question about displaying products without node display

Do I understand correctly that using a display node isn't necessary and that products
could be displayed for sale on user profiles or just using standard views on my site? I'm really having a difficult time understanding the purpose of node displays and having to associate products to each display. If I have 10,000 products this seems impossible to manage.

My site is selling vegetable products like seeds,produce, clones, etc. Now lets say you have a lettuce which would be a particular strain of lettuce and seeds are being sold for this strain. Is it fine to just create a view to show products for a type called seeds and with a taxonomy field for the strain?

Posted: Jun 20, 2011


jaxon on June 20, 2011

Another question I have is if there is a product say cabbage seeds and they are sold in packs that are 1g 2g 3g etc . Each of these would have to be listed as a product, but how does it recognize that these 3 products are actually the same thing just a different quantity? Consider the fact that there could be thousands of different products entered just for cabbage seeds eventually.

rfay Randy Fay on June 23, 2011

As far as I understand you'll need unique products for every variant. If the packets are of different sizes, I'm sure that's what you'll want.

You can manage these in an external spreadsheet or database and import them. You can also use Commerce Bulk Product Creation; I don't have any experience with that module or know what state it's in. My experience is more with Commerce Feeds (see http://www.drupalcommerce.org/node/467) with which you could continually keep products up to date using an external data source.