Custom User Input

We sell filters. They are squares or rectangles. 70% of the sizes are standard. Products are up for sale using drupal commerce.

BUT.... 30% of filters are a custom size. There are only 2 prices, for small or large customs, but the user has to enter the size they want.

If I create a mandatory field with every fractional variance, I will have 100,000 products real quick. Is there a simple text entry field that can be tied to a line item order and entered from the node screen?


Posted: Jun 20, 2011


cesanford30 on June 20, 2011

Well I created the product type CUSTOM FILTERS. Then added 3 new fields, custom width, custom length, and custom depth. Each with 5-1/8 inch up to 36 inch options in 1/8 inch increments.

Then when creating the products, by leaving the list values as unlimited, theoretically I am in the clear, so 1 of 2 products will show up no matter what combination they select for their filter size.

But how then is their selection stored? I am back to having someone order custom A or custom B with no reference to the custom size they need manufactured.