product reviews

How can I have members who purchase a product review their purchase of that particular product? If products are entities do they have a comments system that can be setup? It seems that using a node product display for a review could be a pain if there are many related products that would have different fields.

Posted: Jun 19, 2011


rfay Randy Fay on July 7, 2011

Normally a product is not for access by the end user. So you'll want to set something up with the product display node. But that's just a node so it should be easy enough. The display path in the line item has the path to the node used to add the item to the cart.

webmasterkai on October 17, 2011

Users do not buy product displays, they buy products. A couple sites I've worked on want product reviews. It's easy to do with comments on a node assuming a strict one to one relationship between product displays and product entities. It is more specific to review the product, not the display. Products can be in more than one display. Displays can have products of different types.

Unfortunately the comment module is tied to node entity only and does not support other types of entities. An issue has been created and it's being worked on.
* Decouple comment.module from node http://drupal.org/node/731724