One catalog, multiple collections

I would like to build a multi-site store configuration.
Different sites for the different brand, and one site for product from all brands.

Would it be possible to have one catalog for the site selling all brands, and share that catalog, but have a collection of this catalog for the different brand shops?

Posted: Jun 17, 2011


mrfelton on October 12, 2011

I'm looking to do something similar. At the moment, I'm thinking that I could use the Domain Access modules for the different sites - so all sites would be in the same database, with product entities shared across all domains, and each site can then build up it's own catalog from shared and domain/site specific product display nodes.

This would give you one product catalog with one stock level on those products, shared across multiple sites/domains that can pick and choose which parts of the catalog they need.

Anyone tried this?

SDtechguy on January 24, 2012

I have a similar need. A company with products oriented towards very different markets but with a need to consolidate the order fulfilment and administrative load. The situation requires very different front-end web-stores on a single database/drupal setup. I'd really like to know if anybody had had any luck or has any suggestions..?

spoetnik on February 14, 2012

Haven't really tested this yet, but I'm thinking of using shared tables for all Drupal Commerce databases tables, and and other prefix for each domain. Sound complicated, but I think that the domain-module will be a penalty on site performance.

liupascal on March 30, 2012

Why not using a taxonomy vocabulary like "brand", and get a product or product display have a taxonomy term reference field.