how to create a marketplace use Drupal commerce

Dear all !
I want to make a marketplace use drupal commerce, but now I dont have expensive on drupal commerce.
Please give me how to make it, and some tutorial to config Commerce become a basic marketplace :
- User : post product
- User : Buy product
- Admin manager all order.

thanks so much !

Posted: Jun 15, 2011


commercestudy on June 15, 2011

This video from Randy Fay from Commerceguys:


and a bunch more vidoes from Randy Fay. Also check out the views video for how to get your products showing in views the correct way:


These videos from Ryan, the creator of Commerce and part of the Commerceguys team


And of course the documentation about Drupal Commerce right on this website.


be sure to understand the difference between product types, the actual products and product displays. You need to get an understanding that these are three separate things and then work together to do beautiful things.

Best regards from Josh

asma talib on December 9, 2014

Hi ,

I have seen post of yours for market place.
I have to work on similar market place project.

1) Buyer
2) Supplier
3) Business Manager

Any idea how to do this. As mostly the posts are for Shopping Carts .
Where admin mostly posts the products and category