View Cart and Checkout Links Not Showing at All


I can not get:
The 'View cart' and 'Checkout' Links to show on my store. Can not get the links to show on the shopping cart view in the cart block nor in the view that shows Product Price 'Quantity' 'Remove' Total. The inputs to update remove or checkout are completely missing.

Since I find no one else with this issue, I have to assume, that I just don't get it. Have done multiple installs of both Drupal and Commerce and following instructions as writted using latest dev Entity and Rules. have tried both Commerce Beta 4 and your current just released dev version. still no links or inputs for cart total or checkout and related.

Have tried messing with views fields adding extra ones still no result.

I am getting nowhere with shopping cart form and summary.

I have had the needed inputs and links come up on an earlier installation with the same usual lamp server set up. Do no know what is happening now? Is this an issue or am I missing something obvious?

Thanks from Josh

Posted: Jun 14, 2011


commercestudy on June 14, 2011

It seems also using the dev version of views solves the above issue nicely,

Latest Dev version of Views did it.

Thanks to amateescu on drupal.org Commerce bug tracker for the answer.