Tax and Subtotal swapped on checkout

hi there!

i just installed Commerce and it'a a bit overwhelming (not having dealth with shop systems before).
when i check out my shopping cart, i can see the correct values for the subtotal and the tax, but they are swapped:

Subtotal 1,15 €
Tax 21,85 €
Order total 23,00 €

i was editing the view commerce_cart_summary in the admin, but i can't get hold of these bits. it seems i can modify the Fields which contain the items in the shopping cart and the order total in the footer. but where to find subtotal + tax?

i was grepping through the code for a while, but it's very hard to follow (for a Commerce Novice). for instance i found the string 'Subtotal' in modules/price/commerce_price.module and modifying the string modifies the string in the summary view, but i can't find the call to the function commerce_price_commerce_price_component_type_info() which returns that string, so i don't know where to follow up on that.

can anyone please shed some light on this?


Posted: Jun 8, 2011


Netzhexe on March 16, 2013

Hello there,

I'm having the very same problem and I also have no clue... Did you ever find out what's causing this?