Getting Commerce Paypal WPS to work.

Hi! I've been looking everywhere for some answers. Can't seem to find any solving guides to my problem, so far.

I've installed Drupal Commerce, and I've also installed the Commerce Paypal module. Though I can't seem to get the two to connect properly. Let me explain:

After I've added a couple of products in the cart, I go to the cart page (mysite.com/cart), from there I click the button "proceed to checkout" - what happens is that I am not redirected to paypal, but rather to the in-built checkout page (mysite.com/checkout/20), with the billing adress form.

Maybe I am mistaken, and the billing adress form page is suppose to be there before you are redirected to paypal. Either way, when I fill out the billing adress form, and click proceed, I get this message from the site: "There was an unexpected error on the site. Please try again later."

Anyone have any step by step how to get this to work?

Other infos:
- PayPal sandbox account created (both buyer and merchant accounts)
- merchant email plotted in the PayPal WPS payment method rule (admin/commerce/config/payment-methods)

I would really appericate some help!


Posted: Jun 7, 2011