node--product-display.tpl.php not working but node--product--type.tpl.php works

I have been trying to get my node--product-display.tpl.php file working for about 90 mins and I have no idea why it doesn't display.

My theme is called wholebox - which uses omega kickstart as a base - so I put the template into /wholebox/templates/, cleared the cache and nothing happened. I also renamed it node--productdisplay.tpl.php and node--product_display.tpl.php to be sure, cleared the cache and still nothing. It does have content in it - it's not a blank file.

Finally I called it node--product--type.tpl.php and it works - I can edit the template. But I'm still really confused about why node--product-display.tpl.php. Can anyone shed light on this?

Posted: Jan 2, 2013


alexanansi on January 2, 2013


I'm not looking directly at a product either - the URL i'm accessing is /productdisplay/carrot-and-coriander-soup

alexanansi on January 3, 2013

Getting really stuck with this... using product--type it doesn't apply to some of my nodes. I have product display type of deli_item which it doesn't apply to and can't get it to work