Fulfillment modules

I see it touted that Drupal Commerce has third party fulfilment modules, but I cannot find a single one. I've crawled through a dozen google searches and the Drupal.org module listing and found nothing.

I see no support for Shipwire as yet, though it sounds like it might be on the way: http://www.shipwire.com/w/support/drupal-fulfillment/

I'm about half way through building a fulfilment module for Order Management Systems (http://www.ordermanagementsystems.com.au/ in Australia, http://www.ordermanagementsystems.com/ in the USA).

I'm pondering whether it makes sense to develop a general framework first, commerce_fulfillment, and have provides integrate with this.

The architecture I'm thinking is:
- create a rules action send_to_fulfillment_center($order)
- create an event order_was_sent_to_fulfillment
- create an action consolidate_order_from_fulfillment($order)
- create an event order_was_fulfilled

Then you could wire it up as follows:
- rule for event "order was paid in full" which executes order_was_sent_to_fulfillment
- rule for event order_was_sent_to_fulfillment which marks the order as processing
- scheduled rule which runs at 3pm (configurable) for all "processing" orders and calls consolidate_order_from_fulfillment. This will call order_was_fulfilled for any orders which have been fulfilled, and fill any fields with tracking details etc.
- rule for event order_was_fulfilled which marks the order as completed

Does this make sense? There's a lot of rules/actions to provide hooks for the various steps along the way, like sending the customer a dispatch email, so it seems like it would be flexible enough to cater to the different use cases. But it also seems a bit intensive with so many rules throwing their own events.

What do you think?

Posted: Dec 24, 2012