selling products associated with dates

In my specific example i'm selling courses. You can buy 3 types of course bronze, silver and gold. The courses are always the same but will occur on different dates.

It seems sensible to create 3 product types: bronze, silver and gold. Then create a product display for each new course with a product reference field to add the 3 product types, the product display content type will have a date field. In this way it can be used in calendars and simplifies the product creation process.

My problem is - when someone adds a product to the cart it doesn't contain the date of the course, as this isn't part of the product, only the product display.

Am I doing this the right way, if so how can i get product display fields into the cart and into the order.

Posted: Jun 1, 2011


amcc on June 6, 2011

I think what i was trying to do was find a shortcut to putting every permutation of date and product type in as a separate product. But I think that this was just me being a lazy web guy. After reading some of these forums it seems that it makes a lot of sense making every permutation a separate product and keeping things dead simple. So I've put the date field on the product - i'm also putting the date field on the display as each product display shows a few different product options, but i only want them to show up once on the calendar.