Rich snippets for Drupal Commerce?

Hi all
I'm looking module that allows rich snipets placed in our stores. I tried Schem.org module but did not work well.

Do you use rich snippets on your pages?

Posted: Dec 18, 2012


Novice burger on May 17, 2013

Hi nawi,

I read your question, and I gotta say that it doesn't surprise me that there is such a lack of answers to your question. We're probably skipping Drupal Commerce for our project dealing with a new webshop (www.sejsdyner.dk), because of the lack of documentation/quality control in rich snippets and microdata, which is an essential demand for our shopsolution. So in case there are some really good cases out there who have had succes with rich snippets in Drupal Commerce, feel free to comment.

Best wishes,