First impressions: User Guide

In my opinion, the User Guide jumps in too much at the deep end for a new user. It seems to be seasoned Drupalers and written in the style of a developer for developers (or, at least, those who have some familiarity with programming concepts).

What is needed is a really simple Getting Started / How to guide for complete Commerce beginners (but with enough knowledge to run a small-to-medium-sized, non-commerce Drupal site—something that will show them the ABCs of setting up a few products in a simple shopping cart and making it live on the website.

This would be particularly useful for non-Kickstart users who need to add Commerce to an existing website.

I thought this article by Ryan on Drupal Watchdog would be a very good starter as something like this even does not seem to be on this website.

Is it possible to copy this article, or a variation, into the User Guide?


Posted: Dec 9, 2012


alexanansi on December 15, 2012

I totally agree. I have been learning commerce for about 2 weeks but I found the documentation very confusing. I've learned more by just trying and failing to get things working, but most of that time was spend banging my head against the wall ins frustration!