Placing Future Orders


I've just started learning about Drupal and DC but I think it's awesome, struggling with product display confusion at the moment! But for now I'll try read the documentation some more...

My question at the moment is that I want to set up a veg box delivery site. When you order a veg box, the user will be able to choose how many weeks they want the veg box to be delivered.

Ideally I'd like the user to be able to login and see their previous orders and also their upcoming orders. I want users to be able to add items to the upcoming order until the day before the delivery.

I have no idea what the best way to do this is. Perhaps when the user chooses a veg box, there is a variation option where they can select how many weeks to order for... and the checkout process creates several future orders for the upcoming dates with the veg box that the user has selected... and this is where I get lost! How would I do this?


Posted: Dec 3, 2012


alexanansi on December 8, 2012

Hello - still struggling with this, can anyone offer any advice? I've seen the reorder module so I think I could maybe just modify that a bit. Are there any other modules that could help me?