bulk add products

I installed commerce_bpc (7.x-1.0-rc6) trying to create some products.

What I have:
content type shirt with fields
-product variation (inline form)
-brand (taxonomy)
-catalog (taxonomy - menu)

product variation
-size (taxonomy)

When I try to bulk add products, it creates one product, with only one size (when creating I select multiple sizes) - so one variation with no brand and catalog.

Can I also automatically add the brand and catalog? When I add those to the product variantion this isn't working?

Is my setup correct or what do I need to change?

can someone help?


Posted: Nov 27, 2012


Kris Obbers on November 30, 2012

solved by changing the bulk add config.

remains 1 issue:

when creating a bulk product, the body, brand and catalog fields are not there to fill in. After creating the product I can change those settings but that's one step to many.

But I don't find it obvious to add the brand and catalog to the product variation, or am I missing something here?