How I can make bestsellers block, or Users who bought this produkt also bought ...

Hi, Im tried in views to find some statistics fields for Drupal Commerce, that provide a bestsellers products stats, but i didnt found nothing.

And another I want to make a block with "Users how bought this product also bought this products" ... Again there is no way to this by views, or am I missing something?

If somebody have idea how to do this i will be glad to hear about it.

Posted: May 10, 2011


Prince Manfred on September 18, 2011

This is an older topic but I figured I'd mention that I'm working on a module that tracks the relationship between a product and what products other customers have purchased who purchased it. As of right now it calculates the relationship just fine. I'm exposing it to the user by creating a box, but I'll try and expose the functionality to Views at some point. I'll link to a module page once I get around to making one.