Adding a userid to a product

I am building a site that for a store that will sell products on commission. Sellers are private individuals, "Sellers".
What i am trying to create is a way for the Sellers to if their products have been sold. They will not create products. The store owner will do that.

What i want to do is the following:

1. A Seller register at home and gets an userid

2. Takes his/hers products, walks to the store and leaves the products and the userid.

3. Store owner enters all the products that he/she thinks are sellable as products (every single sellable item will have an unique SKU in commerce. And connects them to the userid

4. The seller can log on to the site and see what products have been accepted and what have been sold.

So i need a way to add a userid field to every product. Can that be done?



Posted: Nov 10, 2012


Malei on November 12, 2012

I solved it with the help from my friend Google.

The solution was "Entity reference prepopulate"

A link to "Add product" on the sellers profile page with the seller uid as a attribute.