Product Display Node: Catalog doesnt show Add to Cart Button

A very basic and maybe simple problem ...

I try to integrate a shop into an existing drupal home page, so I have to set it up by my own (and the demo store didnt work ...)

I set up a catalog by taxonomy in the way the video "Building a Drupal Commerce product catalog" tells it, but on the product display node and on the details page there is no "add to cart" button.

the product display node has it product reference field and the reference to taxonomy like shown in the video

shop is at http://www.betty-baloo.com

what went wrong?

in another video I see on the product display node definition a "product" field, hidden, with the type "add to cart form". I dont know how to put it on my definition...

On my pages i see the product titel, the picture and the price but not the add to cart button. and how can i get a view cart button on the pages?

Posted: Oct 29, 2012


Joel Wallis Jucá on October 29, 2012

The "Add to cart" button is a rendering setting of the product reference field, from product display (the node type). Do a double-check in the permissions, and also give permissions to anonymous users to access the checkout.