complicated price field programming, would hire someone

Im looking for a way to pass values into the price field (a popup calculator would output a number that would be the price)

im in a bit over my head and just imagining there must be a way to send data to the price field... somehow or other?

if anyone has ideas about this im grateful, and i would also hire someone to do this as i need it for a client.


Posted: Oct 26, 2012


petergus on October 29, 2012

thanks for the reply!
well i dont know ssoo much yet about this all fits together, but what i gathered about pricing rules and such it wasn’t possible to set up something that could calculate a custom price based on width, height etc (basically a product with 10,000 possible prices).

so i thought to make a javascript calculator. however the issues stand about how to get the data from the calculator into the shopping cart!

im open to any possibilities. what i see now though is, how can we update the price field somehow or other? im in over my head, so appreciate any help, and like i said, if its programmatically complicated im willing to hire some help.


strae strae on October 29, 2012

Once you nave che price, send an ajax request (to an URL trigger ed by hook_menu in Your custom module) band insert che line item in che cart programmatically (google for insert line item programmatically).
However, would be safer to calculate the price (or to check the amount) server-side (in Your hook_menu callback), JavaScript si client side and con be manipulated by your customers.

(sorry for grammatic errors, this text area si wired to use with android)