Feedback from Pacific NW Drupal Summit session

I got to Skype into Gregory Heller's session at PNWDS to talk about d7uc and drum up some support. At the same time, we got some great feedback... these are the notes I remember, though if someone from the session can fill them out, that'd be great!

Also, I'd love to make sure the About -> People page is updated with individuals and organizations that want to support d7uc, either by way of feedback, documentation maintenance, community wrangling, and development. The more the merrier! I've started a separate thread to make sure we include more people until someone steps up to make the system a little smoother: http://d7uc.org/node/48

Feedback / questions:

  1. Greg mentioned that Civic Actions does a good job developing user stories for the sites they develop. As I expressed, we knew we needed to take things in that direction, but our brains were fried and we went for dinner instead. I'm guessing that should just be a handbook section, and from there we can start to fill the feature backlog and evaluate our core entities / systems in light of what people actually want to be able to do.
  2. A questioner from the Orchestra Team was interested in more information about how we'll be improving the developer experience as we re-implement our features. While the nuts and bolts will exist in the development standards handbook, we should provide a place that explains how adhering to these standards will improve the DX.
  3. People need to know more clearly how to start providing feedback to the initiative. I know a lot of this depends on us getting a base up here, but we should still make sure there is a clear process for people to provide feedback that gets incorporated into the design documentation.
  4. We need to make sure the upgrade path is explained clearly on here, and we should probably make sure we're advising people to keep using Ubercart for the next several months. It would be good to explain what sort of UI and usability improvements we'll be backporting from d7uc to Ubercart 2.0.
  5. We should make sure people know that they won't need the installation profile any more, and let's also make sure there's brainstorming going on in the Features realm related to Ubercore components.
Ryan Szrama
Posted: Oct 24, 2009


Mukesh Agarwal on October 24, 2009

Very much looking forward to d7uc.

I totally agree with starting to have handbook, documentation.

As mentioned, a design document is something I believe should be attached to all the modules. However, a module with functionalities as complex as Ubercart should provide the developers with a design documentation. For one, it very clearly makes the user understand the need of every part of the code, and two, there could be some brilliant suggestions coming in from the open source world which could make the module much more beautiful.

On another note, as a member of the team Blisstering Solutions (www.blisstering.com), I would love to provide any assistance possible in covering the upgrade path which is very essential given the thousands of websites which are already using Ubercart.

Thanks. Congratulations Mr. Uberart (Ryan) :) for your invaluable effort as contribution of Ubercart module.