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Hey guys,

I am very anxious and excited to begin using Drupal Commerce. I have a couple areas that I specifically use in Ubercart that I'm looking to use when I switch over to Commerce and I'm hoping for some feedback.

I use Ubercart to do our conference/event management. We have the need to take Purchase Orders as a payment type. Knowing the improvement of the overall experience with Commerce in comparison to Ubercart, I'm anticipating that dealing with PO's will be much better. I've been searching, but I don't see any discussion regarding purchase orders with Commerce as of yet. Does anyone know of any forum entries or others that are needing that as well that may want to talk about implementing?

Also, in regard to event management, we are using Signup and UC Signup integration. It's good and it works, but there are so many ways in which managing attendees (their ticket purchases, paying for groups of people, their status in the system, check-in at the event, etc) could be improved.


Posted: Apr 16, 2011


David D on May 11, 2011

I'm looking for somewhat similar functionality, hoping that I can adapt Commerce to handle signups and payment for small classes at our non-profit. Commerce Stock looks like it might help manage the class size issue. Does using Commerce for this purpose make sense? Will it require custom code?

Thank you for any advice!

daniel-san on May 12, 2011

At this point I don't have an answer, but I am more hopeful about using Commerce than anything else. It sounds like we will need to get the Signup module ported into Drupal 7 before we can handle signups for events easily. At this point, I haven't tried to work how to put together an event signup site in D7 or Commerce. I am going to have to try it soon for another event that we have coming up. I will report back if I have any info.

I would add that if you need to use event signup and organization in Drupal, you should check out the Conference Organizing Distribution, or COD, that runs on Drupal 6. You can find info at http://usecod.com/

I know that people in that community are looking to have a D7 version that would use Commerce as well. That will be a great day!!

ezra-g on August 5, 2011

> there are so many ways in which managing attendees (their ticket purchases, paying for groups of people, their status in the system, check-in at the event, etc) could be improved.

As the maintainer of UC_Signup and someone who is working on an equivalent module for Drupal Commerce, I invite you to share your ideas for how to improve the functionality offered here in the issue queue :).

rickiellen on November 15, 2011

We're redesigning the website for the (non-profit) International Antiviral Society (IAS-USA), which offers several HIV/AIDS courses throughout the year. We're hoping to use Entity Register, with Drupal Commerce, to handle online registrations.

We've got both Entity Register and Commerce working nicely on the dev site (on Pantheon), but we're not sure how to integrate these two modules so they appear (to the user) to work together. We're fairly new to Drupal, but have had instruction on using hooks, rules, views, etc. We just need to know the best direction to take, and also what it doable right now with these two modules as far as integration goes.

Can you provide some pointers? Maybe someone has already accomplished this, or maybe there is some documentation somewhere?

Just to show how important this functionality, and the redesign, will be, here is the current IAS-USA site:

and here a look at our so-far-pretty-minimal redesign development site:

We're hoping to do a demo of this functionality for the IAS-USA team in San Francisco in early December, so we're hoping you can provide us some guidance, or pointers to more help.

thank you!
Ricki-Ellen Brooke
[email protected]
Web Production
Center for HIV Information
University of California, San Francisco