How can I add product display different from the default display product 1 and product 2

I still can not figure out which menu can lead me to add a new display node that I can reference my new product to.

jueju wang
Posted: Oct 17, 2012


Stuart Hertzog on October 17, 2012

i finally figured out that to create a new product display type, you first have to create a content type with the word display at the end e.g. Books display. This is not obvious and not explained in the documentation, unless it's there and I've overlooked it. IMHO it should be explained better.

Stuart Hertzog on November 11, 2012

Scratch that last comment. You don't need the word "display" in the name. The "display" aspect is handled by the fields you set up to display for the view modes listed horizontally at the top of the Manage display form. Apart from the default, these only appear if they are checked off in the Custom display settings section at the bottom of the Product type Manage display form, so if you want to manage another custom display, you must turn it on down there.

If you want to link a content type to a product type, put the common items in the Content type and include a Product variations field to link to the fields listed in the Product type. The display of any field is managed by the respective Manage display forms.

Confusing for newbies, for sure. I think that's the general idea, though. The trick is that there is no product display, just the fields displayed by the Content type and an associated Product type.

Stuart Hertzog on November 11, 2012

Menu links are set in the Menu settings section at the bottom of the Edit Content type form. Select the menu of your choice to link to all products of this Content type from the list of Available menus. You would need to set this up before you add a new product, which you do through the Add Content link, using a specific Content type.

If you've already created a product, you can set up a menu item for it using the Menus form, possibly through the Add link button of the list links screen for a particular menu. You would need to know the specific URL of the product Node or Teaser to link from the menu item. You can also do this with Views, I believe, but I'm not sure how that works.